In an effort to make the perfect weight forward bonker, my design has gone through
several prototypes over the years. Once I settled on this final configuration I
patented them. They feature a thru-handle design, SOLID copper head (not cheap
solder filled pipe caps), and hardwood handles. Lastly best of all they carry a limited
lifetime warranty. I stock three sizes standard - 3/4 inch head, 1inch head, and 1 1/4
inch head. If one of these is not what you need, I also will custom make one to your
specifications. How ? Because unlike others, I have my own machining equipment.
The last bonker you will ever need......... GUARANTEED !!!!!
3/4 INCH


1 1/4 INCH

1 1/2 INCH
Click on thumbnails to go to full size picture of bonker.
I also offer a 2 inch monster of a
bonker made especially for spalling. It
also features a solid copper head.
You can pull off saucer sized spalls
with ease.   

Item # B05   Price  $65