I'm offering some of my North Dakota Knife River Flint for sale. This flint is
one of early man's favorites, points made from it being found thousands of
miles from the source. It occurs as mostly small plates scattered over several
counties. It is tough compared to heated cherts, but is very consistent. It needs
very little abrading and smaller platforms. The edges fracture exceedingly sharp
and maintain their sharpness better than any other flint that I'm aware of. Many
paleo styles were made from it. Clovis and Folsom fluted points in particular.
This flint has became increasingly scarce in the last 10 years. It is a very
expensive proposition these days to make a trip up there to try and collect
some. I know the last time I went, it required 14 days counting travel time.
While I have a limited amount of larger pieces, I'm offering this in a limited size
range to ensure adequate supply. These pieces have been thoroughly checked
to remove any problems and plated areas. I've made 2 buys this spring as well
as putting 3 crates of my personal stock in this lot for sale. As of 06/08/2015, I
have 10 buckets or 625lbs of premium KRF available. VERY limited amounts
of longer lengths available. Call or email for their status. Get some of this
scarce stone while it lasts, because I guarantee it will go quick. I have little hope
of obtaining more.