After several months of negotiating with one of the largest plastics
manufacturers in the U.S., I have reached an attractive long term deal
on Delrin rod which will allow me to significantly lower my per tool
costs. Therefore, 100% of these cost savings will be passed along to
my customers. All Delrin Ishi Sticks and pressure flakers will be priced
at levels never before seen on the flintknapping tool market. I recently
received a 5000ft shipment at my shop, and I'm in the midst of a
HUGE tool run, I will do two things; 1. Prices on my Delrin Ishi Sticks
and Pressure Flakers will drop substantially. 2. I will offer Ishi Sticks
and Pressure Flakers in every practical configuration, if you can think
of it I'll offer it.

I'm also offering 3 levels of wholesale tool pricing. University,
Wholesale, and Preferred Wholesale. Pricing on these levels are
extremely attractive. Email or call for details.

I have also worked a deal with a copper mill for virgin round rod in a
dozen diameters. I will within the next few days be offering solid
copper lengths for sale. I'm also offering 4 different spalling hammers
all with rotating heads. Two in solid copper and two in mild steel.  I am
also testing several copper cap bopper manufacturing methods and
will soon offer them in every size at unbeatable prices. I'm also
working on reducing my costs on my lifetime guaranteed solid copper
bonkers.  Stay tuned, I will continue to service my customers with
service and pricing they deserve........